Commitment to quality teaching and learning

Life-based Learning:

Students are encouraged to fully experience practical aspects as a core part of their education:

  • Engaging in real projects from businesses
  • Learning through real case studies
  • Connecting with successful entrepreneurs
  • Diverse practical spaces.

Comprehensive Learning:

Students develop 21st-century skills:

  • Critical thinking: Analyzing, reasoning, and innovating
  • Communication, presentation, and media skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Personal responsibility and social engagement.

Meaningful Interaction:

Students have regular and meaningful interactions:

  • Engaging with professors inside and outside the classroom regarding learning, careers, and future directions.
  • Working in teams with fellow students to enhance leadership skills
  • Building a network of valuable connections with alumni, entrepreneurs, experts, and inspirational individuals.


Students are treated as mature and independent individuals:

  • Taking ownership of the learning process through a credit system and academic advisors
  • Leveraging personal strengths and cultivating unique qualities
  • Practicing a self-reliant, dynamic, and responsible lifestyle.


Students develop empathy through:

  • Awareness of their own emotions and those of others
  • Practicing compassionate and altruistic living.