Message from the President

Be the young who live their most meaningful life, always striving and constantly spreading good deeds.

Here, we do not try to shape you into a model or an inanimate product; we don’t indoctrinate you like a superior teaches a subordinate. On the contrary, we respect and accompany you so that you can deliberately explore, experience, discover new concepts and come up with your own analysis and conclusions. Practical experiences help you become the agent of discovery and awareness of the world around you with your own critical thinking.

The school will do everything to strengthen your intellect and humanity. We always want you to be engaged, confident, self-reliant, responsible and mature. Therefore, please let your youth and virtures be expressed to create a unique journey for yourself; live your most meaningful life, always strive and spread good values.

It is by choosing Thai Binh Duong University, you have made the right choice we believe.

Dr. Pham Quoc Loc – President, Thai Binh Duong University