Campus life

Holistic support

We are always at your side to support you

TBD always accompanies students during the university period with comprehensive support.
Support with all your need in academic affairs
We provide administrative support services to students promptly and quickly with a simple and efficient process.
The Registrar, Center for Student Engagement & Support (CSES) will be your “effective arm” to support you in all your needs for documents such as certifications, administrative forms, personal applications (e.g. application for postponement of exam, extension of tuition payment, changing of majors, study reservation, dormitory registration, etc.)

Support your learning activities

We provide students with ways to become successful learners with effective learning strategies.
Liberal Education philosophy is expressed through the democratic environment, academic freedom, and diversity of experiences at TBD. We create opportunities for students to use learning aids to improve their critical thinking and skills.
The 21st-century-skill workshops are developed to help students build a personal development roadmap, extracurricular programs, competitions, teams, etc.

Academic Advisors

Academic advisors are lecturers at TBD who can give advice in the 1-on-1 setting about academic processes as well as struggles students may encounter during their university time. Particularly, they can focus on advising with practical aspects:

  • Effective studying tips;
  • Suitable skills to study your majors and job opportunities;
  • Problem solving skills;
  • University’s resources and local community;
  • Information sharing about national and international scholarship opportunities.

Besides, students are encouraged to comprehensively develop academic and professional skills such as:

  • Leadership: leading student-run clubs, projects, programs
  • Persuasive communication and presentation skills
  • Manage emotions
  • Project management and teamwork
  • Critical thinking, creative thinking
  • Social knowledge: sustainable development, environment, ecology, issues of Gender and Diversity

These are done through project-based credit courses

Psychological consultation
A team of experienced psychologists and counselors will help students improve their mental health and develop their healthy habits:

  • Individual psychological consultation (1-1) with a psychologist
  • Counseling on safe sexual health, sex education workshops
  • Counseling, mental health care, healthy nutrition counseling