Institute of International Education (IIE)

The Institute of International Education at Thai Binh Duong University plays a key role in promoting international education and exchange, and supports students, faculty, and staff in their efforts to engage with the world beyond their home institution. In general, the IIE: 

  • Develops and administers cooperative programs and study abroad programs for domestic and foreign students;
  • Facilitates faculty exchanges, collaborative research projects, and other academic partnerships with international institutions;
  • Promotes internationalization initiatives across the university by advocating for global perspectives in curriculum development, faculty hiring, and other areas. 

Under IIE, there is an English Language department. The training program helps students confidently communicate and work in an international environment through practical activities from the first year such as M-Reader, ASL (Assisted Self-Learning), English public speaking, talks with scholars, “Easy English” club…

1. Functions of the Institute of International Education (IIE)

  • Organize language training programs and international standard academic programs, as well as international partnership programs
  • Advise and assist the University Council and the Board of Directors in developing plans and implementing international academic programs 
  • Manage international cooperation related to international academic programs within the Institute

2. Tasks of the Institute of International Education 

a. General tasks

  • Develop and implement the strategic plan of the IIE in accordance with the University’s strategy
  • Develop academic programs, teaching plans, organize and manage English language training
  • Develop, exploit and develop academic partnership programs with foreign education organizations
  • Develop international standard university-level academic programs
  • Develop short-term English language training programs according to the University’s standard requirements and inputs/outputs

b. Academic teaching

  • Take primary responsibility for the academic program and detailed syllabus of the English language major
  • Participate in teaching courses in the English language major and other majors of the University

c. Scientific research

  • Lead or participate in the implementation of scientific and technological tasks at all levels
  • Organize or coordinate scientific conferences and specialized workshops at all levels

d. Human resource management

  • Train and improve the qualifications and expertise of teaching staff in the field of international training
  • Evaluate the teaching and scientific research activities of lecturers to ensure the quality of lecturers in the field of international training

3. Personnel of the Institute of International Education

Ms. Ha Vu Bao Nhi
Secretary of the Institute of International Education