Vietjet Aviation Academy Strengthens Collaboration with TBD for Training Programs

On the morning of September 30th, the Vietjet Aviation Academy paid a significant visit to Thai Binh Duong University (TBD), marking a crucial milestone aimed at enhancing training collaboration and sharing expertise between the two institutions.

During the meeting, representatives from both sides exchanged insights on their training processes, curriculum, teaching methods, and evaluation standards. Looking ahead, the Vietjet Aviation Academy and TBD are set to strategize their partnership to train aviation cabin crew and ground staff. TBD will serve as a training hub for aviation personnel for Vietjet in Nha Trang.

As part of this collaboration, students majoring in English Language, Business Administration, specifically those focusing on Travel Management and Events, will be ideal candidates for Vietjet’s specialized training programs.

In the upcoming period, TBD is poised to strengthen its collaborations with major corporations, aiming to provide students with even more learning opportunities and hands-on experiences. This strategic direction has been a core focus for the university over the past several years.

Article by: Nguyen Hong – Photos by: Ho Dung