Academic Keynotes

Professor Ho Tu Bao, Director (2018~) of Data Science Lab of Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (VIASM) and Scientific Director (2018~) of John von Neumann Institute (JVN) of Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City.

Since the benefits of digitalisation are dramatically underestimated, common measurements for a country’s economic strength such as GPD might not be in line with reality. From his advisor role for the Ministry of Information and Communications, Professor Ho Tu Bao will, on the one hand, remark on the advantages and great benefits of going digitalisation, and on the other hand present, how should the digital economy is defined and measured in both global and Vietnamese contexts.

Professor Raffaella Calabrese, Business School, The University of Edinburgh

The application of cutting-edge technology is having a profound effect on not only our society but also our economy, under the lens of sustainable development and focusing on credit for home loans, Prof. Raffaella Calabrese will present the impacts of climate change on credit risk models, a novel crucial research direction for the digital economy in a time of unprecedented climate change.

Professor Pham Hi-Duc, Head of Financial Engineering ECE Paris

An innovative approach to traditional macroeconomic theories, which have been severely discredited by successive crises and outsized transitions over the past decades (e.g. digital currency), is Digital Macroeconomics. Prof. Pham Hi-Duc will present at DXDE 2021 the above approach with the desire to bring to the conference attendees theories and methods that are directly applied in turning digital macroeconomics into successful business forecasting tools, like the operational risk models in Basel II, III, and IV.

Industry keynotes

Asia Commercial Bank: Ms Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Uyen, Executive Vice President. In Charge of Digital Bank and Data Analytics Division

To be updated!

TMA Solutions: Mr Hong Tran, Vice President of Vietnam Digital Technology Alliance (VNITO), CEO of TMA Innovation

Mr Hong Tran will discuss the suitable digital transformation model for Vietnamese businesses. He will showcase models for digital transformation from the experience of TMA projects that have been implemented locally and globally, and crucial aspects in the digital transformation process including:
  • Differences of domestic and foreign enterprises in digital transformation
  • Difficulties in implementing digital transformation in Vietnamese enterprises
  • Experience in implementation (through typical projects) and Model Proposal

Dragon Capital: Mr Doan Duy, Director, Digital Business

Mr Duy Doan’s talk will cover the following topics:
  • Digital transformation trends in the next 3-5 years across South East Asia
  • Digital transformation movement in financial services (Lending, Investment, Bank)
  • Digital transformation jobs across industries

EVN: Mr Le Minh Tuan – Board Member of Hai Phong Thermal Power Joint Stock Company (HPJSC)

The operational excellence based IT platform for HPJS’s digital transformation model to improve operational reliability and performance
  • The current issues of HPJSC in the environment of electricity market with increasing of solar and wind power in power system
  • Digital transformation model approach for HPJSC
  • Challenges for HPJC’s digital transformation

ABeam Consulting Vietnam: Mr Oda, Ryohei, Managing Director

Business Process Automation by RPA and OCR