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Prof. Dr. Badaruddin Mohamed

Dr. Badaruddin Mohamed is a professor in Tourism Planning and Development at the School of Housing, Building & Planning, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).  He is also the founder of Sustainable Tourism Research Cluster (STRC). 
He obtained his Bachelor degree from University of Northern Iowa, majoring in Environmental Planning.  He later completed his Masters and PhD at Rikkyo University, Tokyo in Tourism Planning & Development.  He is a visiting professor to Rikkyo University (Tokyo), Maejo University (Chiang Mai), and National Institute of Development Administration (Bangkok), as well as to the Management Science University (Malaysia).  He was also the former President of Tourism Educators Association of Malaysia (TEAM). 
He has led many researches, including as the program leader for two LRGS focusing on Sustainable Tourism, urban planning and also Local Knowledge.  He has involved in many consultancies for international, state and federal projects. His latest projects include the Tourism Master Plan for the state of Penang and the Malay Civilization Hub Master Plan.  Email him at:profbadar@gmail.com.

Dr. Fanny Quertamp

Working in Vietnam since 1996, Dr. Fanny Quertamp – Ph.D. in Geography – has conducted several research and cooperation projects in Vietnam, in the fields of urban studies and environment.
From 2001 to 2009, in partnership with IRD and different cooperation programs, her research then focused on urban amenities in Hanoi, Hai Phong and Nam Dinh (PRUD, 2006), middle size city urbanization process, Vietnam demographic and urban profile, and urban transportation in Hanoi (IMV-Institut des Métiers de la Ville).
From 2009 to 2017, Fanny was the Co-director of PADDI (HCMC Urban Development Management Support Centre) and based in Ho Chi Minh City
As Senior Advisor, she is implementing in Vietnam the Programme “Reducing plastic waste and marine litter in East and South East Asia – supporting a transition to a circular economy in the region”, which is jointly co-financed by the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany and managed by GIZ and Expertise France (2019-2022).

Mr. Miquel Angel P. Martorell

Mr. Miquel Àngel is European hospitality operations professional with over 25 years top-end properties experience including Catalonia, Spain, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and mostly Vietnam.  
Mr. Miquel Àngel currently is the head of the Human Resources & Quality Working Group at the Vietnam Tourism Advisory Board (VTAB) and a tourism expert currently Founder & Managing Director of MQL Sustainable Tourism Services supporting environmental improvements.
Mr. Miquel Àngel incharges of negotiations with governance bodies, stakeholders, airlines and top DMC’s to travel companies to support  the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Vietnam – in terms of trainings, guidelines, alignment to ASEAN qualification framework, re-shape of actual workers in several institutions as well as proposal & advisory roles to the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and different ministries involved on tourism.

Mr. Karel Werdler

Mr. Karel Werdler got his master degree in History at the University of Amsterdam in 1990. He is owner Training Solutions for Hospitality & Tourism, PUM expert in Indonesia, Vietnam and Benin,former manager external relations at INHolland University.
His fields of expertise are higher vocational and applied sciences education; Tourism and Leisure management studies; Dark Tourism; Tour guiding worldwide.

Dr. Dineke Koerts

Dr. Dineke is senior expert tourism at PUM Netherlands Senior Experts; lecturer, researcher and research policy advisor at Breda University of Applied Sciennces; curator and manager for international cultural projects.
Dr. Dineke has over 30 years of experience in tourism, education, and cultural project management. Her research focuses mainly on the interpretation of heritage, on tour guiding, and on several aspects of Chinese tourism.
For PUM, Dr. Dineke has collaborated with companies in Uganda (on coffee tourism) and South Africa (on leisure activities) and she is very happy to take part in the collaboration programme between PUM and Thai Binh Duong University!

M.A.Thi Le Tran Cao

From 2004 to 2014, Ms. Cao Thi Le Tran was a travel specialist, in charge of the Asia segment of many tour operators in France.Since 2017, she has been a researcher, a trainer and an interpreter in the field of Sustainable Tourism. She takes on the role of a consultant in tourism development for AVSE Global (Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts in Paris), implementing development projects for Phu Quoc, Yen Bai and the Central of Vietnam.Besides, she is in charge of human resources of AVSE Global specializing in training, events and logistics. In addition, she is also a member and a coordinator of the Fresque du Climat France.Ms. Cao Thi Le Tran graduated with a Master’s degree in Tourism Industry Management from Toulouse Le Mirail University (France) in 2003 with the thesis: “The World Heritage Road in the Central of Vietnam”.She is currently teaching subjects and seminars on Sustainable Tourism Development, Smart Tourism, UNESCO Heritage – Value and Conservation, Cluster Tourism, Territorial Tourism Development.

Ass. Prof. Emmanuelle Peyvel

Dr. Emmanuelle Peyvel has been an Associate Professor of Geography at the University of Brest (UBO – France) since 2011. She is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Research Institute of Contemporary South-East Asian Studies under the CNS of France and located in Bangkok.
She is a researcher who has been very attached to Vietnam since her PhD. thesis. She graduated with a degree in Vietnamese in 2008 from INALCO, Paris (National Institute for Oriental Languages ​​and Civilizations). Her Ph.D. thesis topic in Geography titled “The rise of domestic tourism in Vietnam: places, practices and imaginaries” was defended at the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis in 2009 and was highly appreciated by the Thesis Judging Committee.

Mr. Huynh Mai Bao Thuy

Deputy General Director – is co-founder of S Solution Nha Trang Joint Stock Company and in charge of finance, internal affairs, legal affairs.
In addition, he is currently working with his associates and S Solution to create a system of SBS Investment and Development Fund – a premise for supporting the economic recovery of businesses after the pandemic and realizing and protecting the start-up  initiative  of young Vietnamese students in the future.

Prof. Yann Roche

Yann Roche is full professor at the Geography Department at Université du Québec in Montréal, Canada, since 1997. He has been working on Natural Resource Management in Southeast Asia for over 3 decades and has been focusing on tourism since 2011, a period during which he has developed contacts with Vietnamese experts in the tourism sector. His area of expertise is more oriented towards ecotourism and green tourism, but he also works in geopolitics and the impact of politics on the tourism industry.

Mrs. Nguyen Ngoc Hoang Anh

Mrs. Nguyen Ngoc Hoang Anh is the founder and CEO of Hana Group Joint Stock Company. Hana Group is a multi-industry company with a value chain of F&B, Travel – Tourism, Agriculture, Residency, Education and Retail.