Vision – Mission – Core Values


Located in the coastal region of Vietnam, our vision is to become one of the most prestigious institutions of higher education in Vietnam that attracts leading academics and potential students. We are committed to upholding the value of integrity and global integration.


TBD creates a supportive and stimulating environment for students, helping them to develop self-reliance in their life and career goals that enable them to become happy, adaptable and responsible contributors to Vietnam’s development and sustainability.

Core Values

In all the decisions made, the faculty and students of TBD are committed to pursuing the following core values: Integrity, Academic freedom, Diversity, Responsibility, Innovation and Harmony.

  • Integrity: Ensure the practice of kindness and truthfulness in words and actions.
  • Academic freedom: Support the expansion of the scope of research and inquiry.
  • Diversity: Support differences on the basis of respect for the truth, dignity, reason, fairness and morality.
  • Responsibility: Ensure self-affirmation of personal responsibility for each choice, decision to act.
  • Innovation: Support creative solutions.
  • Harmony: Make sure all the necessary factors are taken into account in making the decision to take action.

5Ts Model

At TBD, Liberal education is realized via 5 commitments (They all begin with the letter ‘T’ in Vietnamese, we call it the 5Ts model): Life-based learning (thực học), Comprehensive learning (Toàn diện), Meaningful interaction (Tương tác), Empowerment (Trao quyền), Empathy (thấu cảm).