Choosing your major

“Learning from experience” – The foundation for success

Paid Internship from the 1st year

Students practice what they learn right from the first year at TBD’s partner enterprises where they get trained and paid. Moreover, students have the opportunity to become staff members at these companies if they meet the required standards.

Earning credits through part-time jobs

TBD encourages and creates opportunities for students to work part-time at school or at enterprise to earn extra money and get credits recognized.

Modern simulation space

Hospitality Space, IT Space and ADAI Lab are simulation spaces for hotels, restaurants and IT businesses. The mock trial is where the proceedings are carried out with industrial standards.

Case Study

The method combines theory and practice in a harmonic way. Instructors will introduce real-life situations and assign students to small discussion groups (from 3-5 members). Each group will have to evaluate, analyze and come up with solutions to handle situations in the most effective way.


At TBD, students also learn to develop creative thinking in designing activities to serve the needs of local communities. Through these projects, students practice important skills such as planning, project management, communication, teamwork, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and above all, a sense of responsibility and empathy towards other people.

Minor, dual degree

Students can study an additional specialization or study two majors in parallel to expand their career opportunities upon graduation, without spending too much time and money. Students will be awarded a minor or dual degree certificate in addition to the university diploma.

Co-teaching by industrial experts

Reputable experts, entrepreneurs, and industrial speakers also join with the school in the form of co-teaching or sharing experiences for students through seminars and workshops.

No more fear of English

ASL (Assisted Self-Learning) – a unique program only available at TBD to help students improve their English skills.
Through exciting and useful interactive activities such as games, role-playing, vocabulary learning through songs, etc. with enthusiastic and experienced lecturers, grammar, vocabulary and communication issues continuing in English will no longer be an “obsession”.


At TBD, students can build their own learning pathway, including choosing a subject or group of subjects, to choosing a minor program that best suits their abilities, interests and career orientation.

The Course Experience Survey (CES) is collected by TBD from students once every semester. This is an important information channel for the school to “understand” the level of student satisfaction with the subjects, from which the quality of teaching is continuously improved and enhanced.
Students are “empowered” through taking charge of the dormitory and library at night or creating student-run clubs of their own interests.